Dento-facial aesthetics

Complete your smile makeover!

  • Smooth out your wrinkles.
  • Create more beautiful lips.

Cosmetic dentistry can achieve fantastic results – a whiter, straighter and more perfect smile. However, at Cremorne Dental we can go one better with our new dento-facial aesthetics service.

As we get older we produce less elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid and this eventually results in more wrinkles and a less youthful appearance. By using a combination of Botox and dermal fillers we can smooth out your wrinkles and restore the fullness of your lips to give you a more youthful appearance to really finish off that beautiful smile.

The secret is to use these cosmetic treatments just enough to restore a natural youthful look. Just enough for your family and friends to tell you how great you are looking but without being able to tell why.

Why are dentists the best people for the job?

As part of our university training, dentists gain a great understanding of the structure and anatomy of the face. Knowing the location of facial muscles, nerves and blood vessels is the key to getting the best results and it also allows us to understand how to avoid any potential complications better than anyone. As dentists we work on the face every day so you are getting a highly skilled, professional facial specialist. You can also combine cosmetic dentistry with a cosmetic procedure in a single appointment.

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