Our procedure

The procedure to get a filling

Numb the area

We numb the area using local anesthesia. If you’re nervous in the dental chair talk to us about options to help you relax.
Remove the decay

Once the area is numb we remove the decay. We use a diamond tip drill. It sprays water to cool the tooth and removes the decay and polishes the cavity smooth. Most patients report this is essentially painless.
Place in the filling

Once the decay is removed we clean out the debris and place a filling in the cavity. A bond may be placed around the tooth to temporarily. The cavity surface is prepared to strengthen the bonding between the filling and the tooth. 
Adjust and clean

Adjust the bite so that the restoration is comfortable to bit on, a final clean and polish and the job is done.

After treatment

You gum and lips may be numb for a few hours so if you must eat and drink, chew food carefully and avoid that part of your mouth that received the filling. Avoid very hot or cold fluids for a short time after the procedure. If sensitivity persists give us a call.

You may feel some pain and sensitivity in the teeth around the filling. This is called referred pain and is normal for a week or two for some patients.

Our mission

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