Dental fillings

What does a filling cost?

If you discover you have a cavity, a filling is required to protect the tooth from further decay. Not filling the cavity will only lead to further decay and eventually tooth loss and you certainly don’t want that. The good news is that a filling is nearly painless thanks to modern dentistry and the result is a tooth coloured material which is very aesthetic.

Okay, so you need a filling, what else do you need to know?
First, you have options on what material you can have as a filling.

Type of filling Description How durable How expensive
Gold fillings They’re sturdy; they don’t corrode and last up to 15 years. You may like the look.   Depends on size $800–$1200
Composite fillings They are tooth coloured, made from glass and resin, to match your teeth. Composite fillings are placed in one appointment. 5–20 years depending on complexity $100–$235
Ceramic fillings Made of porcelain and they are popular for people who want a natural looking tooth or the cavity is too large for a composite filling. This is done in one appointment about 1- 1.5 hour duration, and the porcelain is bonded to the cavity.  10–25 years or as long as the remaining tooth does not decay $900–$1200
Glass Ionomers Glass ionomer compound bonds weakly to dental hard tissues and releases fluoride slowly over time. These are mostly used for children's restorations.  1- 5 years $80–$150

Why do dentists charge differently for fillings?

What a dentist charges can vary for a whole host of reasons. These can include everything from the practice location, which influences overheads, to the time it takes to complete a procedure. Different procedures have different item numbers which are recognized by the dental funds and denote the level of complexity for the restoration.

A filling is called an adhesive restoration, and they can be charged differently depending on:

  • The filling requires work on one, two or three surfaces
  • The filling is required in an anterior or posterior tooth
  • The number of teeth requiring fillings
  • The type of filling to be used.

The different fees can also depend on the difficulty and time it takes to work on tooth and how much decay there is.

Health cover impacts on what you pay

Your health insurance and level of cover will have a large impact on how much you pay for fillings. There are different levels of cover and different health funds offer different amounts in their dental cover. To determine this you will need an examination to understand what type of filling, how many surfaces and where the filling is required (front or back teeth), and how many fillings are required.

Come in for a check up

What are our fees for a check up, teeth clean, and consultation*?

* Consultations arranged as needed

Item number Procedure Our fee
011/114/121 Comprehensive oral exam scale and clean polish and fluoride treatment $248.00
022 Single x-ray $45.00

At Cremorne dental we can provide a comprehensive oral examination determine your treatment plan, advise you on your options and costs, show you examples of our work and allow you time to decide what’s right for you. We offer every day lower prices at all times and avoid one off inducements.

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