Local Children’s Dentist

Caring for children’s teeth since 1994

It takes a special type of care to make young children feel comfortable at the dentist and we want to ensure that every child we treat not only receives high quality dental services, but also has a positive experience. Our principal dentist Dr Gizelle Kaunitz has over 20 years experience in children’s dentistry and being a mother herself, is gentle and caring with every patient that comes to see us.

Early treatment can prevent future problems

We understand that taking your kids to the dentist can be difficult, but the reality is that preventative dental care while your children are still young can save you thousands of dollars worth of dental procedures when they are older.

Corrective dental treatments for your children can:
  • Eliminate the need for more complicated procedures in the future
  • Help develop your child s face and jaw structure
  • Prevent dental problems before they even occur

Your dental history can help us care for your children’s teeth

Taking care of your kids teeth is a huge part of determining how they will develop as they grow, however many dental conditions are also hereditary. This means that the more we know about your teeth as an adult, the better idea we will get of what sort of issues may develop in your children’s teeth in the future, and the appropriate steps can be taken to prevent these problems from occurring.

Together we will find the right treatment for your children

Each patient we see knows that when they visit our clinic, they will:

  • Feel comfortable discussing the different costs and options available for their children
  • Have a personal consultation about their children with our principal dentist.
  • See examples of our work to help make an informed decision about their children’s teeth.

Together with our patients, we make a decision based on their children’s particular needs and circumstances and help you decide what’s right for your kids teeth.

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